Kazakhstan: 100 New Industrial Projects To Be Launched In 2017

Kazakhstan: 100 New Industrial Projects To Be Launched In 2017

100 new projects are to be launched by the end of this year under the Industrialization Map, Kazinform cites Investments and Development Minister Zhenis Kassymbek.

“This year we plan to set up over 100 projects to the amount of nearly KZT700bn and provide 10,000 people with permanent jobs. This includes 10 projects of KZT7.6bn with permanent employment of 415 people already launched in Q1 2017”, the Minister told a briefing in the Government today.

According to him, 320 projects worth KZT3.7tn are under implementation now. 36,000 people are expected to be employed in total.

According to the Minister, a package of technological upgrading measures for the key industrial sectors will be approved in order to ensure technological modernization of domestic enterprises

Zhenis Kassymbek stressed that the Industrialization Map projects make a considerable contribution to industrial development. “Last year the Industrialization Map projects produced commodities for KZT2.2tn in total, of which KZT1.4tn falls within the manufacturing industry or 18 per cent of the entire sector.”, he explained.

In average, the projects launched under the Industrialization Map produce goods worth over KZT180bn per month.