KTZ Is Going To Boost Freights Transportation To Europe From Singapore, Korea And Japan

Kazakhstan And Latvia Developing Transit And Transport Cooperation

Kazakhstan Temir Zholy national company is going to increase the volumes of freights transit from the states of South East Asia to Europe, said Kanat Alpysbayev, KTZ chairman.

“We are working on increase of transport flow from the states of South-Eastern Asia – Singapore, Korea, Japan. The transportations are mainly conducted by sea transport from there. For instance, freights from Japan go to Europe through Russia and Finland, we have resources to work on,” he said.

As an example he referred to the agreement with Uz-Daewoo company for transportation of spare parts from South Korea through Far East ports.

“Their freights go to Lianyungan port (China) where there is Kazakshtani-Chinese logistics terminal, and from there through Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan by railways,” he said.

He said Lianyungan terminal can become the hub of consolidation of small ports from South East Asia.