“Expo Astana Reflects How Much Spain And Kazakhstan Can Contribute Together”

Kazakhstan: Litany Of Abuses Continues, Even Under EXPO 2017 Spotlight

The Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, and the Minister of Energy, Álvaro Nadal, presented, yesterday, Spain’s Pavilion for Expo-2017 Astana, a setting up with which, in words of the head of the Spanish diplomacy, “Spain will be able to show to the world the best of itself”.

Kazakhstan’s capital will host, between 10 June and 10 September this year, an international exhibition that will gather 130 official participants -112 States and 18 international organizations- under the slogan Future Energy. The objective is to promote a transformation of the current energy model in favour of a more sustainable, efficient and diversified one, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

Spain’s Pavilion, designed and built by Acciona and Frade Arquitectos, and coordinated by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E, the public organization in charge of managing the presence of our country in international exhibitions), will be presented under the slogan Spain. Energy for the Planet.

“Spain is one of the main actors at the international level in the development of sustainable energy”, Nadal affirmed during the event. Our country lacks its own sources of fossil energy and has problems of electric interconnection with the rest of Europe, two circumstances that, according to the minister, force Spain to appropriately manage renewable energy and to exercise “the world leadership in energy R&D&I”, as proved, he pointed out, by the example of Almería’s Solar Platform.

The Foreign Minister and the Minister of Energy present Spain’s Pavilion, dedicated to renewable energy

In the same sense, Dastis insisted that Spain is “an unquestionable leader in the use, implementation, research and development of renewable energy” and, therefore, at Expo-2017 Astana, “it will be able to show to the world the best of itself”.

Besides, the Foreign Minister emphasized that the pavilion of Astana is an example of the “important bilateral ties” uniting our country and Kazakhstan (whose ambassador attended the event, a “relationship that has done nothing but grow”. “Together, Spain and Kazakhstan have much to contribute to the international scene and the Expo is an example of that”, he declared.

According to the commissioner of Spain’s Pavilion and president of AC/E, Fernando Benzo, the pavilion, with a surface of 868 square metres in a single floor, is expected to receive more than three million visitors that could “see Spain’s relevant role and our business fabric in the development of renewable energy”.