Poland To Fight For Right To Hold Expo 2022 At Astana Exhibition

Kazakhstan: Litany Of Abuses Continues, Even Under EXPO 2017 Spotlight

Warsaw hosted a press conference dedicated to Poland’s participation in the forthcoming world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, EXPO 2017 organizers inform citing “Nowa Energia” news portal.

“All the events within the framework of the Polish concept of EXPO 2017 will be held under the slogan: “Poland: Creative People, Smart Energy.” Our participation in the exhibition also contributes to the promotion of Poland’s candidacy for the World Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2022″, the newspaper writes.

The EXPO 2017 organizers allocated 400 square meters for the Polish exposition in Astana, where residents of Poland built a two-storey pavilion, bringing it up to 700 square meters. Poland plans to tell about how to skillfully combine traditional energy solutions developed with the help of modern technologies and care for the environment. The three main themes that the Polish side plans to reveal at the exhibition are revitalization, forest recreation and clean coal technologies.

“Polish participation in the exhibition is an opportunity for a long-term promotion of the image of Poland as a modern country that has managed to derive benefits from its traditions. We are a country that respects universal values and actively participates in important initiatives of the international community,” stressed Deputy Minister for Development Jadwiga Emilewicz.

In addition, the Poles plan to tell about the technologies of urban regeneration at EXPO 2017 – the same theme underlies the concept of Poland in the struggle for the right to hold a world specialized exhibition EXPO 2022.