Film About Phenomenon Of Dimash Kudaibergen Is Shot In China

Dimash Kudaibergen Sings At Slavianski Bazaar

There is a documentary film about Dimash Kudaibergen in the internet websites. The tape included the episodes behind the scenes of “I am a singer” competition, talk of the participants, expert opinions, reports.

The film was shot in China and is designed to run on local television. The portal has translated highlighted moments from the documentary, collecting them in the movie, which is available in the Internet and social networks.

There is a scene in the video where grandmother of Dimash was calling him, he tells her, and how he took the first place in one of the stages of the competition. Granny was crying from happiness. Singer said that his performance was devoted to her and grandfather. Dimash is the eldest son in the family. He calls mom and dad not only their parents, but also his grandma with grandpa. They gave him in childhood a tremendous amount of time, effort and love.

Also, Dimash announced his final performance in the competition.

«On April 8, the first day of the finals, you will hear a song of Italian singer Adriano Celentano Confessa and Diva Plavalaguna sings of “The Fifth Element” film. Thank you for your suggestions and support. We are together”, Dimash posted on Instagram.



Message to Dimash Kudaibergen