EU To Launch 9 New Projects In Kazakhstan In 2017

European Parliament ratifies Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) partnership with Kazakhstan

The EU will launch 9 new projects worth almost 3.76 million euros in Kazakhstan in 2017, the press-service of the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan said.

The projects will be implemented in the sphere of juridical reform, democracy and human rights, NGO and local public administration.

According to EU Delegation, in 1991- 2014 the EU funded more than 350 projects in Kazakhstan for the total amount of 180 million euros, which have been allocated to policy advice and technical assistance to various ministries, agencies and committees of the government of Kazakhstan (e.g. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Education, Agency for Public Administration and others).

Kazakhstan has not received any new bilateral assistance from the EU since 2014.
Nevertheless, since 2014 Kazakhstan participates in European Union’s regional Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) program for the Central Asia for 2014-2020. The program envisages projects in five Central Asian countries with a total budget of 245 million euros.