Russia Leaves Military Polygon In Kazakhstan

Russia Leaves Military Polygon In Kazakhstan

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has ratified the protocol on cessation of the lease by Russia of Emba military polygon located in Kazakhstan’s Aktobe region, the presidential press-service said in a message April 5.

The protocol terminates international treaties on the rent and use of the test site Emba, and provides the necessary arrangements for the transfer of land, movable and immovable property of the polygon to Kazakhstan.
The transfer of the landfill will be carried out by a joint Commission formed of authorized representatives of both countries.

Kazakhstan plans to use the land site of the former Emba polygon in the interests of businessmen engaged in agriculture and exploration and mining industry.

Kazakhstan and Russian signed the aforementioned protocol in October 2016. Previously, the defense ministries of the two countries agreed to optimize the land sites of the military objects leased by Russia in Kazakhstan.
At first stage of optimization, some unused territories of Sary-Shagan anti-ballistic missile testing range, Taysoygan range used by 929 Flight Test Center of Russian Air Force and Zhamantau testing range leased by Russia in Kazakhstan were transferred back to Kazakhstan.

Emba polygon was created in 1960 and was intended for research, testing of new models of military equipment and weapons.