Kazakhstan: Foreign Workforce Quota Cut

Nearly One Million Central Asian Gastarbeiters Now in Kazakhstan, Twice Number in 2011

The Kazakh government will issue fewer work permits in 2017, according to a March 28 government release.

Decree No. 898 limits the overall number of foreign employees allowed to work in Kazakhstan to 0.6 percent of the country’s total workforce, down from 0.7 percent in 2016.

The quotas for specific professions are:

  •  0.003 percent of the sector’s total workforce for telecommunications,
  •  0.004 percent for education,
  •  0.002 percent for healthcare,
  •  0.01 percent for science and technology,
  •  0.006 percent for transportation and hospitality,
  •  0.003 percent for finance and insurance and
  •  0.0007 percent for real estate.


Decree No. 898 is available in Russian here.

For more information on Kazakh HR law and regulation, see the Kazakhstan primer.

By Sergei Blagov, he Bureau of National Affairs