Kazakhstan: Italian Pavillon For Astana Expo 2017 On Final Stage

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Astana – Italy in Astana for the Expo 2017 has almost completed its Pavillon. “Italy has actively prepared the whole day to showcase the Italian culture and mini-festival of cuisine during the Astana EXPO 2017” Ilya Urazakov, director of department of Astana EXPO 2017, said, adding that the structure “is on final stage”.

The Italian Pavillion will promote the hydro, wind and earth energy. “According to the head architect of Astana EXPO 2017, the design and exhibition of the Italian Pavilion is among the best and innovative ones and it focuses on the theme “From traditions to innovations” Urazakov affirmed. The Renco company was selected by the Italian commissioner Stefano Ravagnan, Italian Ambassador in the country, to build the Italian pavilion. “ABDR Architetti Associati company designed the structure at the Astana EXPO 2017”, Ravagnan said. According to the diplomat, each week Italian region will have an exhibition at the Italian pavilion.

Furthermore, the Italian culture will be represented among the key events of EXPO. A famous Italian pianist Andre Lucchesini will give a concert accompanied by the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Kazakhstan on 1 July 2017. On the next day the concert will be given by the famous Italian cellist Enrico Dindo.

The Astana EXPO 2017, scheduled to take place from 10 June to 10 September 2017, is almost ready to welcome high-level guests and 2.4 million visitors. Almost 115 countries will participate to the event and more than 3000 cultural and business manifestations will take place. As of today, 670 thousand tickets are already reserved and the number will be increased.

A number of high-ranking officials and foreign leaders are expected to visit Astana EXPO 2017, also the turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to come to the kazakh capital. Samsung, CISCO, General Electric, DHL, Siemens and other leading companies are among the key partners and sponsors.

World-famous Cirque Du Soleil will have 71 performances during Astana EXPO 2017 that will focus on the main theme “Future Energy” and the rich cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. The World Congress of Engineers and Scientists “Future Energy” will be held on 19-20 June during the event.