Kazakhstan Interested In Azerbaijan’s Experience In Defense Industry Sector

Kazakhstan Interested In Azerbaijan’s Experience In Defense Industry Sector

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan Rashad Mammadov met with Kazakh Minister of Defense and Aerospace Industry Beibut Atamkulov on March 27 to discuss issues of the mutual interest.

The parties highlighted the solid foundation laid between the two countries for cooperation in all fields, during the period of independence, adding that this cooperation will contribute to further development and strengthening of two countries.

They also stressed that both countries, which are resource-rich and located in an advantageous geographical location for international transport corridors, faced with similar challenges after gaining the independence and turned to each other’s experiences in the period of state-building.

Atamkulov spoke about the high level of cooperation between two countries and shared his pleasant impressions about Azerbaijan, stressing that Azerbaijan has become one of the region’s independent state, as a result of the economic achievements and powerful policy.

Building an independent army plays an important role in Azerbaijan’s achievements, the minister added. Praising Azerbaijan’s achievements in the creation of the defense industry complex, the minister emphasized Kazakhstan’s interest in Azerbaijan’s experience in this field.

In turn, Mammadov raised the issue of the continuing occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia, talked about the historical aspects of the problem and consequences of the conflict.

The diplomat noted that the goal of creating a powerful military-industrial complex in Azerbaijan is an urgent need to ensure the territorial integrity of the state. Mammadov also spoke about the successful cooperation of Azerbaijan with a number of states in the sphere of military-industrial complex.

The ambassador also informed the Kazakh minister about ADEX exhibition held annually and products displayed here, stressing the importance of increasing the number of contracts signed during this event every year. Rashad Mammadov invited Kazakhstan to attend this exhibition.

The two also highlighted that Kazakhstan intends to get acquainted with products made in Azerbaijan’s military industrial complex and pays special attention to cooperation in this field. For this purpose, Kazakhstan will actively participate in the ADEX exhibition to be held in Baku.

Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are both Turkic countries and share close historical, religious and cultural ties. Today, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are more interested in intensification of cooperation in many areas, particularly logistics and infrastructure.  Necessary measures are taken to better utilize the opportunity driven from the passage of shortest East-West transport corridor through the territories of the countries.

By Rashid Shirinov