France 2 Makes Report On Dimash Kudaibergen’s Rise To Stardom

France 2 Makes Report On Dimash Kudaibergenov's Rise To Stardom

France 2 TV channel dedicated a report to Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen’s (迪玛希) quick rise to stardom in China. Kudaibergen’s impressive achievements in China’s I Am a Singer reality show grabbed attention of the French TV channel.

“Do you hear this beautiful voice? This guy’s name is Dimash. And today we will talk about this young man and social media that made him so popular in China. He became popular after signing this song in the first episode of the reality show,” one of the anchors of France 2 TV channel said.

The second anchor added that Dimash should be awarded for signing such a difficult song.

The anchors also noted how attractive the young crooner is and that he looks like Chinese. In fact, Dimash is not Chinese, he is Kazakh and doesn’t speak Chinese at all.

And this, according to the report, the most surprising thing. How a guy who doesn’t speak Chinese could win over 3 million followers on Weibo (Chinese analogue of Twitter). Moreover, his performances garnered over 1,5 billion views in Chinese social media.

As a reminder, Dimash Kudaibergen reached the final of the reality show by capturing the third place in the 10th episode.



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