SCAT Airlines To Launch Three New Flights From Astana

Flights Of SCAT Air Company Delayed On 6 Destinations

On the eve of EXPO-2017, the SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, has launched a project to develop the hub at the Astana International Airport. To date, the airline already has more than seven direct routes from Astana to the cities of Kazakhstan, as well as many transit routes to Russia, CIS and the near abroad countries.

Realizing its own program for the development of the company and expansion of the air route network, in 2017, SCAT Airlines has started increasing its air traffic to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. This year, the Air Company will launch two completely new air routes, namely, Astana – Mineral Waters, Russia, and Astana – Yerevan, Armenia. Flights to these cities fromKazakhstan’s Aktau have been successfully carried out by SCAT Airlines for several years. Both destinations are very popular among passengers. This year, the airline gives an opportunity to make a direct flight to Mineral Waters and Yerevan for residents and guests of the capital city of Kazakhstan.

With the onset of summer, the airline also realizes its long-standing plans to launch a direct flight from Astana to Ramenskoe, Moscow Region of Russia. Thanks to launching this new destination for residents of Kazakhstan, the passengers of the airline will have a great opportunity for an additional direct flight to the Russian capital, Moscow, because the city/town of Ramenskoe is in close proximity to the metropolis.

All flights will be operated by Boeing-737 aircraft. Astana citizens will be able to get to the capital city of Armenia on Wednesdays and Saturdays since May 31, 2017 and flights to Mineral Waters,  the All-Russian health resort, will be operated on Mondays and Fridays, starting from June 2nd. Since June 6th, residents and guests of the capital of Kazakhstan will be able to get to Moscowsuburbs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

The convenient departure time will allow the passengers to immediately start implementing all the scheduled plans from the very morning. The airline plans to continue the program to develop the hub in Astana and give its passengers even more new and interesting air routes.