Plenary Session Of Syrian Peace Talks Will Be Held In Astana Without Armed Opposition

New Round Of Syrian Peace Talks Begins in Kazakhstan

The plenary session of Syrian peace talks will be held in Astana without the armed opposition, reports the TASS news agency.

“The second, and as expected, final day of the third round of the international meeting on Syrian conflict settlement will be held in Astana. The plenary session won’t be attended by the Syrian armed opposition which refused to arrive to the conference on the plea of violation of cease fire regime. However, probability of their arrival is not excluded,” reads message of the Russian news agency.

The capital of Kazakhstan will center the delegations of Russia, Iran, Turkey, the US ( represented by ambassador in Astana), Jordan and the UN.

On March 14 the delegates conducted preliminary consultations which will continue on Wednesday. The round of negotiations is supposed to finalize with the meeting of representatives of Russia, Iran and Turkey.