German Wind Power Gmbh To Invest In Wind Farm In Kazakhstan

German Wind Power Gmbh To Invest In Wind Farm In Kazakhstan

German ‘Wind Power’ Gmbh plans to invest in development of water sector in Kazakhstan, according to the Chairman of the Committee for Water Resources of Ministry of Agriculture Islam Abishev, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Head of ‘Wind Power’ Gmbh Gustav Brzyszcz noted that the first contract for the construction of a 50 MW power plant in Kapchagai was signed on December 25th, 2016. And another contract with JSC “Samruk-Energo” for the construction of 160 MW wind farm Yereimentau is expected to be signed today on February 28th.

Mr. Abishev also noted that in accordance with the President’s instructions to attract foreign investments into water sector they continue to improve water situation in southern regions of the country.

According to him, there are almost no underground sources of water in Saryagash, Kazygurt and Makhtaaral areas. And the few sources these regions have are saline.

“Today, people in Saragash district use open sources to get drinking water. This water is no good, as it is very contaminated. Purification and bringing this water to certain standards requires great effort. To provide the population with quality water to the extent necessary, we planned to allocate money from the regional budget for the preparation of a feasibility study. And several companies have already expressed their willingness to participate in the project”, he said.