Kazakhstan Verifying Registration Of Airbus Planes Possibly Sold To Syria

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The Kazakh Main Transport Prosecutor’s Office has uncovered gross violations in the registration and deregistration of Airbus A340 civil aircraft, which were probably sold to Syria bypassing European sanctions.

Earlier in February, Kazakh media reported that in December 2016 the CAC registered three Airbus A340 belonging to UAE airlines, Bright Horizon FZE, though the aircraft had not even landed on Kazakh territory. According to report, the planes were set to be sold to Syria, bypassing international sanctions, Sputnik reported.

The Kazakh ratel.kz online edition reported this month that in December 2016, the CAC put on record three Airbus A340 aircraft, owned by a foreign airline Bright Horizon FZE, registered in the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, according to media reports, the aircraft did not even fly on the territory of Kazakhstan. According to the publication, these aircraft were intended for sale to Syria to bypass international sanctions, and therefore the US Embassy in Kazakhstanexpressed its concern to representatives of the CAC leadership.

“The media discussed information on possible sale of Kazakh Airbus civil aircraft, registered in the national register to Syria. During examination of the related materials it was revealed that the aircraft registration and its withdrawal by the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry for Investments and Development was conducted with rough violations of the legislation on the use of airspace and aircraft activities,” the statement said.

According to the statement, Kazakh National Anticorruption Bureau received the case materials on Saturday.

Syria has been under multiple sanctions and embargoes since 2011, when it merged in conflict. In particular, sale of arms and military related materials to the country, as well as chemicals is banned.