General Motors Uzbekistan To Assembly Cars In Kazakhstan

General Motors Uzbekistan To Assembly Cars In Kazakhstan

Production of Ravon vehicles by UzAuto is planned to be launched in Kostanay. As we have already mentioned, it was renamed Daewoo brand for the Russian market in Ravon.

“The delegation from Kostanay has paid a visit to Uzbekistan. They have signed an agreement for production of 7000 Ravon cars,” said Arkhimed Mukhambetov, akim of Kostanay region.

The cars will be assembled by SaryarkaAutoProm Ltd. According to the company’s management, the brand will provide affordable cars to the market.

Today the cost of Ravon vehicles makes approximately 2.5 mln tenge.

A. Mukhambetov also said production of electric cars JAC jointly with the Chinese CMC and JACMotors is expected to be launched this year. The region also plans to launch production of Chinese Ankai passenger passes.

General Motors Uzbekistan (GM Uzbekistan) JSC joint venture belongs to the state company “Uzavtosanoat” three-quarters. Motors delivers another JV – GM Powertrain Uzbekistan plant, which has a controlling stake belongs to the Americans. According to Uzbek “Ravon” (which is how to pronounce the name) means “bright, clean, smooth, straight road” or “easy way.”

Presentation of cars of the new Ravon brand, the successor of Uz-Daewoo, was organized in Ashgabat by Turkmen-UzAUTO business enterprise, a joint venture established by UzAutoSanoat JSC and Turkmenistan State Trade Center of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan.