Russia Lowered Cars Import To Kazakhstan From 63 300 To 15 200 In 2016

KazAvtoProm reported

The total volume of Russian cars import amounted to $1.5 bn in 2016, 11.9% down year on year, reports Izvestiya newspaper.

“In real terms the import lowered by 30.6% to 85 400. The base of Russian export was passenger cars. Drop of Russian cars import to the world market is explained first of all by sales declination in Kazakhstan,” the publication said.

Export to Kazakhstan lowered to 15200 cars in 2016 from 63300 in 2015. In monetary terms sales to Kazakhstan amounted to $247 mln in 2016, while the volume was equal to $738.2 mln.

The Russian export center said drop of Russian cars’ export is explained by introduction of utilization fare in Kazakhstan which increased the cost of Russian products. This state has been the main consumer of the domestic mechanical engineering.

“A couple of years ago approximately 80% of Russian sales abroad fell on Kazakhstan,” said the publication.

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