Kazakhstan Has Completed The Investigation Against The Former Banker Ablyazov

Kazakhstan’s image is at odds with the reality

The national Bureau for anti-corruption of Kazakhstan completed the investigation of the criminal case of embezzlement in BTA Bank against its former owner Mukhtar Ablyazov and announced the beginning of the participants in the process with case materials, have informed in the press service of the Ministry.

In early February, the National Bureau for anti-corruption reported that he had received new evidence of crimes committed by Ablyazov and his accomplices, in connection with which he has been summoned for interrogation. Call notification Ablyazov for questioning was published in the Kazakh media and the media of France at the place of its possible location, and Italy at the place of residence of close relatives.

«Ablyazov is suspected in the creation and leadership of a criminal Association, embezzlement of funds from BTA Bank and their legalization (laundering) of illegally using the Bank’s money and abuse of power. The total amount of damages exceeds $ 7.5 billion», — stated in the message of anti-corruption Agency.

The press service noted that «the stolen funds were pension savings, personal savings of citizens of Kazakhstan and loans from foreign financial institutions.» According to the anti-corruption service, the number of accomplices of the former head of the Bank listed three top managers.

«Currently, all participants in the criminal process… notified about the termination of investigation and proceeding with criminal case materials, amounting to 2,224 thousands of volumes», — reported in a press-service. The Department also noted that after reviewing the criminal case files will be forwarded to the Prosecutor for approval of the indictment to after that send the act to the court.

In December 2016, the French Council of state (Supreme administrative court) quashed the decision of the Prime Minister of this country to extradite Ablyazov to Russia for the extradition request of the Russian Federation and released him from custody. The activities of Ablyazov headed BTA Bank in Kazakhstan is the subject of a criminal investigation in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, however, the extradition of Ablyazov achieve only Russia and Ukraine, as Astana there with the Paris agreement on extradition.

The former banker is charged with a number offenses including fraud, forgery, abuse of power. The amount of damage inflicted by Ablyazov is estimated at several billion dollars. The case against him was initiated in 2009, after which the banker fled from Kazakhstan and had lived a long time in the UK, but was forced to leave this country.