Kazakhstan: Astana Expo 2017 Focus On Renewable Energy And Infrastructure Development

Biggest Number Of Tourists At Expo 2017 To Be From China - Ambassador
The use of renewable energy and the development of innovative and sustainable technologies: these are the themes at the Expo center Astana 2017, scheduled in the Kazakh capital from June 10 to September 10, and which also promises to be a celebration of the infrastructural and technological development of the capital of Kazakhstan, reports KazWorld.info with reference to Agenzia Nova.
“The organization of the Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan was also a geopolitical decision commemorating the decision of the President (Nursultan Nazarbayev) to move the capital to Astana (twenty years ago, since 1997) and the 25th anniversary of independence of the country” , he said today the secretary general of the international exhibition Bureau, the Spaniard Vicente Loscertales, in the press conference after today’s visit to the site where the pavilions will be set up in the capital of Kazakhstan. According Loscertales Expo Astana 2017 will be important for the promotion of sustainable energy and technological innovation but also for peace and stability in the region.

“Work on the organization of the Expo site in Astana in 2017 progressing on schedule and the event promises to be of high quality,” said Loscertales. The Secretary-General said he was “impressed” by the work carried out so far and added: “As for the quality of the pavilions can tell you that you are doing the best job I’ve seen in 25 years of experience as head of the international exposure “. “It ‘s normal that the initially foreseen budget is modified. Being able to do the same things with less investment is very positive news for all Kazakhs taxpayers, highlighting good practice in the management of finances, “she said Loscertales then answering a question on the recent amendment of the spending plan for this important event international in Kazakhstan.

Certainly they come from the Expo of concrete benefits for the city of Astana, which in June will have a new airport terminal and a new railway station. “At the beginning of June 2017 will be inaugurated the new airport terminal in Astana: Kazakh capital of the airport aims to increase the current transit of 3.6 million passengers a year up to 8.2 million,” he said to ” agency Nova “President of Astana international airport, the Italian Paolo Ricciotti. It is limited numbers, but if you think the people of Kazakhstan, approximately 17 million people, is a very significant step forward. “It is one terminal, which will develop in the vertical direction with the part devoted to the very close domestic flights as in international flights,” says Ricciotti. According to the plan of the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, whereby Astana should become by 2050 the center of Eurasia, “we had to think of an airport can become a true regional hub,” said Ricciotti. The cost for the implementation of the project, which comes not only in the Expo 2017 but in general for the development of Astana, is 60 billion tengue (about 182 million euro).

As for the possible introduction of between Italy and Kazakhstan, President of Astana airport direct flights showed that this choice is not sustainable because the Central Asian country is vast but with little population that is currently not You can create a sufficient volume of traffic. But in conjunction Expo, in June, there will be new international routes to Astana: signed an agreement with the Polish airlines, it is concluding an agreement with the airline Wizz Air flights to Budapest, the Georgian airlines and Air China they have offered new possibilities of connections. In any case, it concluded Ricciotti, the airport of Astana is a candidate to be a hub in the Asia center for long-distance calls at connections between major cities and secondary towns.

Kazakhstan very well tip the reinforcement of rail transport, in this case for freight. “As part of the project for the creation of the New Silk Road is currently implementing a comprehensive plan for the expansion of Kazakhstan’s railway network,” he explained to “Agency Nova” of the national body vice president of Railways of Kazakhstan, Sanzhar Yelyubayev. According to what has been shown, the Central Asian country aims in particular to reduce the costs to be in the near future a competitive hub for freight transport in the region; in this sense, the reduction or elimination of tariffs, favored by some unions such as the Eurasian Economic Union, is certainly help. “But we are working to extend our region,” said Yelyubayev that Astana strongly supports the freight trains in the region, particularly to China, Iran and the countries of the Caspian. Particularly for the latter region Kazakhstan works much to the strengthening of the Trans-Caspian railway network which should then spread to Europe.

“We have created a Council that brings together the countries involved in the project of the Trans-Caspian railway network: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, and observers from China,” said Vice President of the Kazakh railway company. All this falls under the Kazakh President Nazarbayev’s strategy to make the country a “regional hub for transit” of goods by 2050. In May 2017, he finally said Yelyubayev, will be inaugurated the new railway station in Astana opened the first Expo that It will take place for the first time in a central Asian country from June to September.

Italy will be presented at the Expo in Astana with a pavilion entitled “Ingenuity and history as a resource for sustainable energy and low carbon.” “The Italian creativity will be the strong point of our pavilion at the Expo in Astana in 2017,” he told “Nova Agency” the Italian ambassador to Kazakhstan Stefano Ravagnan, who is also Commissioner General Italian Universal Exposition of this’ summer in the Kazakh capital. According Ravagnan, being a country with few resources of hydrocarbons Italy has developed a strong “ingenuity in exploiting renewable energies.” The diplomat said that “Italy’s pavilion at Expo 2017 in Astana will provide an excellent result in terms representation of the characteristics of the country. “According Ravagnan addition, the Italian pavilion fits perfectly under the theme” future Energy “, chosen by the organizers.

the goal – said Ravagnan – is” to promote renewable energies, starting from the oldest such as hydroelectric and geothermal power, up to new sources. it also aims at enhancing the country, as the Italian pavilion will be built on a background that evokes the Italian beauties starting from the squares of Italy as a typical urban element ” . “We are at the final steps for the approval of the executive project and in parallel to the end of February is the deadline for the submission of tenders” to entrust the task to the selected company to undertake a pavilion “technically very special,” says the ‘ ambassador. “We hope to be many Italian tourists for what is the most important event ever organized in Kazakhstan,” he added Ravagnan, that “this conference was a step forward”; although there are still some open issues, big part of the job was done and “now we enter the heart” of the Expo 2017 Astana.