Ekibastuz GRES-1 To Export Electricity To Russia

Kazakhstan's Energy Companies Retain High Currency Risks

Ekibastuz GRES-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov started electricity import to Ural, Russia.

“Electricity shipment started on February 1 from Ekibastuz GRES-1 named after B. Nurzhanov to the Russian Federation. (…) Electric power will be imported to Ural,” said Marat Mukhamedsaliyev, spokesperson of Samruk-Energy.

In his words, the shipment volume from GRES-1 to Ural may reach 4 bn kWh by the results of the year.
In April-June last year the station exported approximately 130 mln kWh to Kyrgyzstan, the export volume of Ekibastuz electric power to Russia amounted to more than 1.8 bn in 2016. The energy was shipped by GRES-2 under KEGOK’s privileged tariff.

“However, these discounts are unavailable this year,” said Samruk-Energy.

In 2016 Samruk-Energy exported 1.8 billion KWh of electricity to Russia. In 2015 electricity export to Russia hit 1.9 billion KWh.

Spare capacity of Ekibastuz GRES-1 plant in the amount of 500 MW will be used to insure supplies to Russia.

Samruk-Energy brings together the biggest power plants in Kazakhstan. The installed capacity of Samruk-Energy’s power plants hits 6,774 MW, which is about 32 percent of the total installed capacity of Kazakhstan’s power plants.

Ekibastuz GRES-1 Coal Power Plant Kazakhstan is located at Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. Location coordinates are: Latitude= 51.888, Longitude= 75.377. This infrastructure is of TYPE Coal Power Plant with a design capacity of 4000 MWe. It has 8 unit(s). The first unit was commissioned in 1980 and the last in 1984. It is operated by Samruk Energo (acquired Nov 2012).