Kazakhstan’s Plans For Agricultural Development In 2017

Kazakhstan's Plans For Agricultural Development In 2017

This year, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan expects to increase the volume of agricultural production by 2.5 percent, Strategic Analyses and Forecast Institute reported.

Head of the government Askar Myrzahmetov made this statement during a meeting in Astana. “The proposed measures give us the opportunity to expect a 2.5 percent growth of the agricultural sector in the current year,” he stressed. In particular, plans are afoot to increase the area of oilseeds, fodder and other types of the in-demand crops by 540,000 hectares.

In addition, as part of the task of increasing the area of land fully provided with water, plans are afoot to start a project to restore the irrigation and drainage systems in the current year. This project will involve the loan funds provided by the Islamic Development Bank.

“This will provide an opportunity to increase the area of irrigated land by 15,000 hectares in the current year. By the end of 2017, there will be completed the reconstruction of seven hydraulic structures and emergency water reservoirs, which will improve the water supply in an area of 12,000 hectares,” Myrzahmetov said.

In addition, it is planned to create 176 cooperatives within the cooperation development process. Their services will covered over 16,000 self-employed and unemployed people living in rural areas.

“All this will increase the degree of utilization of the processing plants: by 20,000 tons for vegetable oil, 170,000 tons for milk, 12,000 tons for meat, and 16,000 tons for sugar. These measures will also reduce Kazakhstan’s dependence on imports,” he stressed.

In 2017, three wholesale distribution centers will be established in Almaty, Astana and Shymkent. The wholesale center in the capital covers an area of 27,000 square meters. It will be put into operation in the first half of 2017.