Ak Zhol Wants To Oblige Foreign Investors To Respect Kazakhstan National Interests

Ak Zhol Wants To Oblige Foreign Investors To Respect Kazakhstan National Interests

Ak Zhol, Democratic Party of Kazakhstan suggests imposing an obligation of foreign investors to respect Kazakhstan national interests, BNews.kz reports.

The head of the Ak Zhol Parliamentary Fraction Azat Peruashev in the plenary session of Mazhilis said that against the background of the scandal with firing of Kazakhstan workers by the Chinese company in Aktobe, Ak Zhol Party suggests imposing an obligation of foreign investors and partners to respect Kazakhstan national interests.

A. Peruashev cited the Head of state`s assignment to the government under the President’s special statement “The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness”: “To provide protection and promotion of national economic interests within the international cooperation. First of all it relates the EAEU and SCO, interface with Silk Road Economic Belt”.

It is clear, that any business is interested in profit oriented opportunities which our country gives. But deputies of Ak Zhol consider the mutual benefit for Kazakhstan and impossibility of damage to our national interests the essential obligation for foreign investors.

Azat Peruashev noted that there are a lot of examples in the international practice when foreign “well-wishers” set as the purpose not an equal cooperation, but operation of others resources and involvement of partners to the economic dependence. Only the foreign companies receive the benefit from such “investments», without allowing local business even for contract works and attracting instead of this entity and workers from their countries.

As a result, the leader of Ak Zhol Party stated that there are countries with resources which instead of the exported natural wealth didn’t receive either normal taxes, or technologies, or workplaces.

The deputy supposes that also our country can`t exclude such risks, and gave as an example how the administration of Aktyubinsk region once again demanded from the Chinese company “Great Wall” to stop firing of hundreds of Kazakhstan workers.

“The domestic businessmen regularly address to Ak Zhol Party that foreign investors send contracts for service works, supplies of equipment and many other to providers from the countries,” he added.

Azat Peruashev emphasized one more questions which are regularly raised by the Democratic Fraction –the violation of the fair competition in integration associations, in particular, in EAEU where our external partners periodically create barriers to Kazakhstan business in the common market.

The head of Ak Zhol Party reminded the request since October 19 of last year about the abuse of domestic entrepreneurs in the common market of EAEU because of the Government Decision of the Russian Federation “About a Priority of Goods of Russian origin.”

“Our government confirmed the existence of this problem, but also the issue isn’t resolved yet, and responses aren’t taken. And there are lot of such examples,” A. Peruashev reported.

He emphasized: “especially for this reason at meetings with the Chinese and Russian colleagues, in everyday work in parliament, deputies of Ak Zhol Party constantly raise the questions of protection of domestic business. It is normal work, without emotions or politicization, but it has basic value.”

Kazakhstan democrats consider that challenges to national economic interests require the special studying and development of the corresponding systematic measures.

“We are sure, that promotion and protection of national interests are not only the right, but also a direct obligation of any state and any government,” Peruashev said.

In this regard, he on behalf of Ak Zhol Fraction addressed to the government with the offer to develop the concept of protection of national economic interests (economic safety) as the document formulating common requirements to which the interaction with our external economic partners, with an emphasis to Kazakhstan national interests shall correspond.

As it became known on Saturday, the Prime minister in accordance with our President`s assignments implementation took to personal control purchase of Kazakhstan products by large foreign investors, such as Arcelor Mittal and etc.

The DPK Ak Zhol Parliamentary Fraction continues working on implementation of the pre-election program, protection of national interests and support of the Kazakhstan business.