CPC Reveals Plan For Kashagan Oil Pumping In 2017

Eni, Kashagan And Bribes To Kazakh Officials

Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) received request for pumping of 10.4 million tons of Kashagan oil in 2017, the consortium said in a message.

Currently Kashagan oil is pumped to export by CPC pipeline system to Russian Novorosiysk port on the Black Sea and by Atyrau-Samara pipeline to Russian Ust –Luga port in the Gulf of Finland. From these ports oil is exported to European countries by tankers.

In the future when oil output volume at Kashagan increases, the project shareholders consider possibility of oil export by Atyrau –Alashankou pipeline to China and by Kazakhstan Caspian Transportation System to Baku and further by pipelines connecting Baku and Black sea ports.

Kashagan is a large oil and gas field in Kazakhstan, located in the north of the Caspian Sea. Its total oil reserves amount to 38 billion barrels. Some 10 billion out of them are recoverable reserves. Kashagan’s natural gas reserve exceeds one trillion cubic meters. Oil production at Kashagan was launched in autumn 2016.

The project participants are KMG Kashagan BV (16.88 percent), AGIP Caspian Sea BV (nearly 16.81 percent), CNPC Kazakhstan BV (8.33 percent), Exxon Mobil Kazakhstan Inc. (nearly 16.81 percent), INPEX North Caspian Sea Ltd. (nearly 16.81 percent), Shell Kazakhstan Development BV (nearly 16.81 percent), and Total E&P Kazakhstan (nearly 16.81 percent).

The field is operated by North Caspian Operating Company BV (NCOC).