Kazakh President was named “best” dictator of the year 2014

Continuity in Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev’s Curious Appeal for Constitutional Reform

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev received the “Dictat-Gold” award, handed out by two NGOs fighting financial crimes.

Dictator, a trade that pays off. The Geopolitical Crime Observatory (OGC) and the Sherpa association have just designated the richest dictator on the planet, the one who has plundered the resources of his country the most, on the basis of the data currently available. And in 2014, it’s Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, who won the “Dictat gold” . The latter was “rewarded” at the end of a symposium entitled “Can we recover dictators money?”.

In power since the fall of the Soviet Union, the 73-year-old man was re-elected to head the country in 2011 with 95.5% of the vote. It must be said that the other candidates do not jostle at the gate. In 2005, during a previous election, his main opponent, Zamanbek Nurkadilov, a former minister who denounced the corruption of those in power, was found dead with two bullets in the chest and a bullet in the head. The local court had then concluded it was suicide

A colossal fortune accumulated in 20 years

If a precise evaluation is very complicated, the personal fortune of the dictator represents several billion dollars. So her daughter Dinara Kulibaeva and her husband Timur Kulibayev, who control the Halyk Bank, one of the largest financial institutions of Kazakhstan, weigh between them nearly $ 2.6 billion, according to the latest Forbes ranking . They are also since 2010 within the scope of an investigation in Switzerland for money laundering , as they were offered in 2009 a sumptuous villa in the Swiss Confederation for the modest sum of 75 million Swiss francs (61 , € 3 million).

The presidential family was able to count on the immense wealth of the country in raw materials: oil, iron, chromium, uranium or potassium. Recall that Kazakhstan was ranked 140th out of 177 countries in terms of corruption by Transparency International in 2013. This colossal fortune, accumulated over 20 years, allows the President of Kazakhstan the biggest eccentricities and buy with gold the Presence of stars at certain events. In 2013, it was the rapper Kanye West who had performed in private concert for the head of state. The amount of stamp touched by the artist: $ 3 million according to TMZ .

The Kazakh president also knows how to use his economic influence at the diplomatic level to stay in power. In 2006, he was received at the White House by George W. Bush. In 2010, it was Nicolas Sarkozy who had received it in his turn.

Ben Ali gets a consolation prize

But Kazakh is not the only leader to have been crowned by the OGC and Sherpa. The two NGOs also awarded a consolation prize to the Tunisian dictator deposed Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, whose fortune and that of his family was estimated at 5 billion euros in 2011 .

Behind the bloody character of this award ceremony, both NGOs want to denounce the predatory behavior of some heads of state and to encourage the authorities, media and NGOs to investigate more about the practices of these leaders.

The Dictat-Or jury was composed of three members of the OGC (Charles-Henri de Choiseul Praslin, Pierre Conesa and Jean-Baptiste Harelimana), Jean-François Bayart, research director at CNRS and Patrick de Saint-Exupéry , Editor of the magazine XXI.

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