Kazakhstan: President’s Grandson About The Latest Corruption Events And The Arrests` Facts

Aisultan Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan Soccer’s Savior?

The grandson of the President of Kazakhstan Aisultan Nazarbayev said that the country is operation to clean up the higher echelons of power of the corrupt and stuck. On his page in Facebook he published a post in which he said he was to look at the wider world after he fathered a child.

Today I, as a Kazakhstan citizen, as the President’s grandson, from my small “bell tower” decide to express the most significant question, as it seems to me. To say if you have something to say is not a privilege, it`s an obligation. And I have what to say and with what to compare as I am an active person, having seen the world and remained the patriot of the Homeland, the President’s grandson wrote.

The post is published in the account of the grandson of the President.

“When I spoke about football for the first time, all my world was built around this game. I still sincerely love it. But since the daughter’s birth, I clearly understand that life isn`t a game even if it is talked about the “game number one”.

When I became a father, the horizon of my world strongly extended. I think about Kazakhstan every day, where my daughter grows up, her future girlfriends and her future husband somewhere grows up..…

So, today I decide to express the most significant question to me, as the Kazakhstan citizen, as the President’s grandson, from my small “bell tower”. To say when there is something what can be said is not a privilege, it`s an obligation. And I have what to say and with what to compare as I am an active person, having seen the world and remained the patriot of the Homeland.

Unfortunately, it isn`t obvious to all, but world events last time, first of all in the USA and in Europe, confirm new, more difficult calls to Kazakhstan in all the life spheres – it, eventually, concerns each Kazakhstan citizen! Of course, Kazakhsran President becomes primarily responsible for these calls. The head of state manages Kazakhstan. Read the western press and see the objectivity of it. And while the people of his surrounding in the corridors of power many times discuss the theme of “transit of authority”, he just works.

There are a lot of people, the majority are the professionals in President`s team. But, unfortunately, some can`t overcome the symptoms of star fever. It seems incorrect to blame them, it is serious disease, and broke so many strong people throughout centuries. But, the fact remains: unfortunately these people are far from the interests of the country, the people, they become isolated by their mercenary and mercantile interests. Such sick people aren’t capable to solve national problems any more. So how will they help my grandfather when work requires double devotion?

All of us see how Mr. Karim Massimov clears thePresident’s surroundings from corrupt authorities. This old phrase “enemyof people” is used anywhere, but I think that it is extremely pertinentconcerning the stealing authorities of the highest echelon. Because they don`tcare badly each other, namely to the people. Knowing the grandfather, I can claim:Massimov will work hard before the full cleaning of Kazakhstan President`ssurroundings.

At such moment the main thing is not to turn system work into “witch hunt”, the purpose shall remain clear – to catch the thieves and to punish them by the law. Fair government workers hasn`t been afraid of anything just because allegedly the situation escalated. All the escalations begin in soul because the thief always knows that he is a thief.

Personally it is interesting to me whether the chairman of National Bank Akishev and the chief of Presidents` office Dzhaksybekov keep their positions? Their employees are suspected in making the serious corruption and state crimes. And I know the mentioned Misters well and I will never believe that someone made the serious crimes behind their backs secretly…

Checks will show us whether Mister Utemuratov and Tasmagambetov were dirtied themselves by the dirty deals. But if today you ask anyone on the street, you will be told that these people robed the people. Praise to God, there aren`t so many people. Their negativity covers the country with some dense clouds. Well, most likely the era of “agashka” comes to an end, Kazakhstan changes in our eyes. I am sure that the new chairman of National Security Committee will have enough time and opportunities to solve these problems, his role is more important now for the country than before.

All my friends, I have a lot of them, and also youth of my generation, I encourage to support a strategic plan of Kazakhstan on strengthening the stability and independence. Through some time we will be responsible to our children too for what will be with Kazakhstan.

After years my daughter will read this post in Facebook, nothing is lost in the internet. I hope that at that moment I will tell her as the fairy tale about the corrupted Kazakhstan: “you won’t believe, once upon time, dark authorities tried to manage our country and didn’t wish happiness to people… But then everything changed”.