Universiade: Highest Price For Opening And Figure Skating

Winter Universiade 2017 Officially Closes In Kazakhstan’s Almaty

The tickets for the ceremony of opening of the Winter Universiade-2017 and figure skating are the most expensive tickets.

“Tickets are sold out quickly, but we haven’t had the peak sale yet. Normally we wait for the last moment when the price will be most affordable – KZT 300 and people are eager to watch the performance”, Kamila Lukpanova, deputy head of the Directorate of the Winter Universiade-2017 said.

The prices for competition performance vary from KZT 300 to KZT 3,500.

The opening ceremony costs up to KZT 15,000. The most expensive tickets are for figure skating (show performance) – up to KZT 3,500.

The major part of tickets cost around KZT 600″, tickets department representative said. Students receive a discount.