Printing House Producing Fake National Currency Revealed In Almaty; 2.5 Mln Tenge Withdrawn

CryptoTenge – Kazakhstan’s State-Issued Cryptocurrency Tokens?

A printing house producing fake tenge banknotes has been revealed in Almaty; 2.5 mln tenge have been withdrawn, said Zhaksylyk Myrzakhan, chairman of economic investigation service of the department of state revenues of Almaty region.

“The officers of economic investigations service of Almaty region suppressed the activity of an underground workshop producing fake banknotes 1000, 2000 and 10 000 tenge in value,” he said.
A citizen of Kazakhstan was detained in Ili district while selling the fake banknotes, police withdrew 1.2 mln tenge from her. Then the police discovered a printing house where the fake money was made.

Police withdrew 2 mln 525 thousand tenge.

Pretrial investigation is underway.