Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Introduces Unified Railway Tariffs For Kyrgyzstan

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Kazakhstan’s national railway company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy has introduced a reduced tariff for transport of goods from Kyrgyzstan to Russia via Kazakhstan by railroad before the appointed time, Tazabek reported citing the Kazakh media.

President of KTZ-Freight Transportation Oralkhan Kulakov said the Kazakhstan Temir Zholy introduces unified railway tariffs starting from January 10 as part of Kyrgyzstan’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Union. Initially, the introduction of unified railway tariffs was appointed for August 13-14, 2017, Kulakov said.

The route, which is established for carrying out transport of Kyrgyz goods to Russia via Kazakhstan, passes through the Lugovaya Exp. and Iletsk Exp. border railroad stations with the total length of 2,021 kilometers. The previous tariff was $5,155 per refrigerator wagon.

“From January 10, transit transport on this route for REF-1 refrigerator wagons will cost $1,820.7,” said Kulakov.

Thus, the tariff is reducing by 2.83 times, Kulakov noted.

“The losses from the reduction of tariffs for Kyrgyzstan in the amount of 42 billion tenge will be compensated by tripled growth in the number of transit,” he said.