500 Tons Of Aid Supplıes From Kazakhstan Arrıved At Tartus Port!

500 Tons of aid supplıes from Kazakhstan arrıved at Tartus Port!

500 Tones of food aid to the port of Tartus, presented from Kazakhstan to the Assad regime and with the help of Russia, reports KazWorld.info with reference to The Eldorar Alshamia.

According to media sources, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry confirmed the arrival of aid shipment consisting of “flour and canned meat and rice, pasta and tea” to the port of Tartus under the control of the Assad regime.

The aid shipment comes weeks after the Kazakh president’s announcement his country’s readiness to host the talks in the capital Astana between the opposition and the regime, coordinated by Turkey and Russia.

It is noteworthy that in the twenty-third of this month, is scheduled Syrian opposition to meet the Assad regime in Astana, for peace talks, but the Free Syrian Army factions signed the cease-fire agreement announced to freeze any talks linked to the Astana’s negotiations with the Assad regime, unless the full implementation of the agreement.