Almaty International Airport Delays Five Flights – Summary For January 4-5, 2017

Almaty International Airport Delays Five Flights – Summary For January 4-5, 2017

The Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan, delayed five flights, the airport’s statement, as it was published on the Facebook page.

As of 08:00 am local time on January 4, 2017, the airport delayed the following flights.

  1. KC863 Almaty – Aktobe (Late arrival of the Air Astana’s aircraft).
  2. SU1941 Almaty – Moscow (Late arrival of the Aeroflot’s aircraft).
  3. KC631 Almaty – Astana – Bangkok (Late arrival of the Air Astana’s aircraft).
  4. DV706 Almaty – Shymkent ((Late arrival of the SCAT Airlines’ aircraft).
  5. OZ578 Almaty – Seoul (Late arrival of the Asiana Airlines’ aircraft).

“At the moment, vertical visibility in the airport territory is 375 meters and the horizontal one is 50 meters. There are no any restrictions to take and depart of aircraft. For more information, please contact the Airport’s Directory Inquiries by phone +7 727 2703333”, one said in a statement.

Recall that in November 2016, inpreparation for the 28th World Winter Universiade-2017 ameeting of the Public Council of the city was held chaired by the Mayor of Almaty, where one voiced a number of comments and suggestions to improve the Almaty International Airport’s activities.

In April 2010 , there were reports about a possible closing of Almaty airport, if not resolved the issue of debt collection before the Amsterdam Trade Bank (a subsidiary bank of the Russian Alfa Bank). Earlier ATB reported that the airport can take the property for the debts for the loan receivable of JSC “Almaty International Airport” in 2007. The maturity of the loan occurred in March 2009. In late August 2010, it was signed a settlement agreement between the JSC “Almaty International Airport” and Amsterdam Trade Bank , which the airport is owed more than $ 38 million .

In April 2011 owned airport on an equal footing the Meridian Capital, (final beneficiaries Askar Alshimbaev, Sauat Mynbayev) and Eugene Feld, affiliated at one time with Kazkommertsbank, and the SAT the Info Systems’ ( «Daughter» SAT & Company), which is controlled by Kenes Rakishev and share in which (almost a third of the preferred shares) is Timur Kulibayev through Almex Plus LLP was sold for 12.6 billion tenge at KASE 100% stake in the airport registered in the Netherlands Venus airport Investment BV

10 2012 on September the government of Kazakhstan has agreed to sell 100% shares of JSC “Almaty International Airport” on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov.

Recall that Almaty Airport is private. 100% owned by the Dutch company Venus Airport Investment BV.

Investment BV Airport then the Venus (Amsterdam) has the right of ownership 78 414 ordinary shares of Almaty airport, which is 100 per cent of the total number of outstanding common shares on KASE company. In turn, Venus Airport Investment BV is part of the Venus Airport then Holdings BV ., Registered in the offshore Kingdom of the Netherlands at Strawinskylaan 411 (WTC, Tower A, 4th floor ), 1077 XX Amsterdam. It is noteworthy that at the address held annual general meetings ShalkiyaZinc NV, great-company “Samruk-Kazyna” .

According to the issue prospectus of shares of JSC “Almaty International Airport”, the director of Venus Airport Investment BV is a legal entity United International, the Management BV , registered all at the same address in Amsterdam and led some Otmar Carolus (Otmar E. Carolus), who recently left the Fortis Intertrust ( Netherlands Netherlands) BV (Fortis Intertrust, Netherlands) BV), and, according to some sources, has extensive experience working with offshore companies.

Actually the airport itself owns a 100% interest in TOO Services Catering is Almaty , created in 1997 and provides keyteringovye and service. Onboard power plant Almaty Catering Services Ltd provides its services to all the airlines flying from Almaty International Airport, serving Republican airlines and foreign companies such as British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, « Transaero» .