Almaty To Host Premiere Of Kazakhstan Movie “One More Day” (video)

Young Kazakhstani's Film Included In Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

The premiere of the adventure drama “One More Day” of the Kazakhstan production will be held in Almaty tomorrow, reported. The picture “One More Day” – a director’s debut of Vitaly Kistanov known for the video works about travel of the round-the-world traveler-biker Dmitry Petrukhin. Also Vitaly took part as the operator in shootings of movies “He Is a Dragon” and “Soldier of the Country Oz” of Indar Dzhendubayev (Russia).

Shootings were conducted within 45 days from February to March, 2015 near Tuyuksu’s pass, on a northern spur of the ridge of Zailiysky Ala Tau (Northern Tien Shan). The end of winter the beginning of spring is the most avalanche period in mountains. Despite it the film crew bravely coped with the work.

“It is impossible to agree with the nature, but we know the safety rule and behavior for mountains, we have good physical training and a work experience in conditions of emergency situations. We believed in the idea, and it helped our film crew to work and live in difficult conditions of the mountain area. The movie is created for salvation of people who can appear in a similar situation, it is some kind of “school of survival,”  the screenwriter and the film director Vitaly Kistanov emphasized.

“One more day” is shoot with the assistance of the director Furkat Fayziyev (Uzbekistan). The producer is Kirill Kovrigin (Kazakhstan). The leading role was played by Victor Bondarev, the professional Kazakhstan operator. The beginning actor performed all tricks independently. Satarova, Alexander Bagryantsev, Kazhimukhan Kalimbetov, Sukhrab Mamtelov, Vladimir Mishchenko, and also fighters of air search and rescue service and film logical group of Service of salvation of the city of Almaty also acted in the movie.

The soundtrack to the feature film “One More Day” was written by the young Kazakhstan composer Erkanat Zaitov.

In the movie it is told about the famous Spanish photographer Victor who comes to Almaty to visit the friend, with whome they studied in the U.S. The big group of guys go to Shymbulak, to ride snowboards. Victor blinded by beauty of the nature and inspired by charm of the new familiar girl constantly takes photos. Already at sunset he gets on the top of the mountain without noticing anything around. And he won’t see the skier who will bring him down from legs. Victor falls in the gorge where any minute the avalanche can descend … Will he cope with a challenge?