Roxi Petroleum Falls Amid Price Limits In Kazakhstan

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Oil & gas group shares fall as it tells investors it will not be able to charge full prices until 2018.

Shares in Roxi Petroleum PLC (LON:RXP) drifted after the Kazakhstan-focused oil & gas company said it would have to sell at the former Soviet republic’s domestic prices until 2018.

The stock fell 0.5p, or 4.9%, to 9.62p after Roxi said oil produced at its BNG site in western Kazakhstan under the current licence must be sold at about US$10 a barrel.

It said: “Even at these reduced prices the pay-back periods from shallow wells are, if successful, less than 12 months.”

Roxi hopes to turn its current BNG licence into a production licence in 2018, at which time it will be able to sell at global prices.

Aggregate shallow well production from BNG for the period totalled 62,000 barrels of oil per day.

The company said it was on track to hit work programme commitments, targeting renewal of BNG licences to production licences from June 2018.

Chairman Clive Carver said: “The very strong potential of the shallow fields at BNG has been independently confirmed in the recent Gaffney Cline & Associates reserve report and in the board’s opinion, the BNG shallow fields assessed have great value on their own.

“The much greater potential of our Ayrshagyl deep field and possibly of further shallow fields remain to be independently quantified.

“The company continues to work through its drilling plan to achieve this at an early stage and success here could be viewed as entirely upside.

“The group has limited external debt and will, should the proposed merger with Baverstock be completed as expected in the next couple of months, own up to 99% of what the board considers to be one of the most exciting prospects in Kazakhstan.”

Roxi Petroleum Plc is engaged in exploration and production of crude oil in Kazakhstan. It has interests in approximately four exploration and production contract areas spread over three petroleum basins, including the pre-Caspian basin, the Mangyshlak basin in Western Kazakhstan and the Turgai basin in Central Kazakhstan. Its BNG Contract Area is located in the west of Kazakhstan approximately 40 kilometers southeast of Tengiz on the edge of the Mangistau Oblast, covering an area of over 1,702 square kilometers. The BNG Contract Area has both shallow and deep prospects, including Deep Well A5, Deep Well 801, Deep Well A6, Well 805, Well 54, Well 806, Well 807 and Well 143. Its other assets include Munaily and Beibars. The Munaily field is located in the Atyrau Oblast approximately 70 kilometers southeast of the town of Kulsary. It holds interest in Beibars Munai LLP, which operates over 167 square kilometers Beibars Contract Area on the Caspian shoreline south of the city of Aktau.