14 Flights Delayed At Almaty International Airport – Summary For December 28, 2016

Kazakh Airlines Granted Right To Fly Over Siberia

The Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan, delayed 14 flights, the airport published its message posted on the official page of the Facebook website.

So, as of December 08:00 am local time December 28, 2016 the following flights have been delayed at the Almaty International Airport:

  • SU1947 Almaty – Moscow. Late arrival of the aircraft: Aeroflot Airlines;
  • DV733 Almaty – Astana. SCAT Airlines’ aircraft – technical reason;
  • KS881 Almaty – Uralsk. Air Astana does not have enough number of aircraft;
  • KS863 Almaty – Aktobe. Technical problem with Air Astana’s aircraft;
  • DV706 Almaty – Shymkent.  Late arrival of the aircraft, SCAT Airlines;
  • KS9310 Almaty – Bangkok. Air Astana’s fault;
  • KS995 Almaty – Astana. Non-appearance of checked-in passenger of Air Astana;
  • SU1941 Almaty – Moscow. Late arrival of the aircraft, Aeroflot Airlines;
  • KC911 Almaty – Istanbul. Air Astana does not have enough number of aircraft;
  • KS401 Almaty – Kiev. Too-long lasting boarding of passengers of Air Astana;
  • KS987 Almaty – Urumqi. Replacement of the Air Astana’s aircraft;
  • DR834 Almaty – Samara. Late arrival of the aircraft, Podeda Airlines;
  • G9250 Almaty – Sharjah.  Air Arabia’s fault;
  • PS538 Almaty – Kiev. Resale of Ukrainian International Airlines’ air tickets.

Also one reported that the domestic flight # KC 953/954 en route Almaty – Astana – Almaty was cancelled due to operational needs.

At the moment, the airport of Almaty has a vertical visibility of 590 meters, and a horizontal one of 5,000 meters.