Kazakhstan Allows Ural Airlines To Carry Out Its Flights To The Country From Zhukovsky Airport

Kazakhstan's Air Astana adds maiden A321neo

The aeronautical authorities of Kazakhstan have adopted the appointment of Ural Airlines, Russia, for flight operations en route Zhukovsky, Russia – Astana, Kazakhstan and Zhukovsky – Almaty, Kazakhstan, according to a spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport, Russian Federation, Interfax writes.

“Aviation authorities of Kazakhstan informed the aviation authorities of the Russian Federationthat they have approved appointment of  Ural Airlines to operate flights en route Zhukovsky – Astana and Zhukovsky – Almaty. The agreement was reached as a result of a long negotiation process”, the spokesperson said.

According to him, in a letter written by the Civil Aviation Committee under the Ministry for Investment and Development, Kazakhstan, dated December 26, it notes that the indicated flights can be operated seven times per week by two designated air carriers.

As previously reported, the Russian Federation has suspended flights for Tajikistan’s Somon Air since December 23, 2016 due to the failure of Tajik aviation authorities to coordinate Yamal Airlines’ flights from the Zhukovsky Airport to Tajikistan.