Putin Hopes on Kazakhstan’s Astana Hosting Intra-Syrian Peace Talks

Putin Hopes on Kazakhstan's Astana Hosting Intra-Syrian Peace Talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin hoped the Kazakh capital of Astana to host talks between Syrian warring parties.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday he hoped the Kazakh capital of Astana in Central Asia would play host to “practical” talks between Syrian warring parties on a political solution to the years-long crisis.

“I think a nationwide ceasefire must be agreed, followed immediately by practical negotiations on a political reconciliation,” Putin said at the annual press conference.

“We have suggested that Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana could serve as a neutral territory. The Turkish and Iranian presidents have agreed, the president [of Syria Bashar] Assad himself has consented, the president [of Kazakhstan Nursultan] Nazarbayev kindly agreed to lend us this venue, create all working conditions, and I do hope we will get the process going,” he told reporters.