Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s Office ‘Interested To Determine Cause Of Rakhat Aliyev’s Death’

Kazakhstan General Prosecutor's Office 'interested To Determine Cause Of Rakhat Aliyev's Death'

General Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan is interested in determining circumstances surrounding death of Rakhat Aliyev, former son-in-law of President Nursultan Nazarbayev and former Kazakh Ambassador to Austria, the Office commented to RIA Novosti Thursday.

Aliyev was found hanged in his Vienna prison cell in February 2015 just before he was due to testify in a separate extortion trial.

“Prosecutor-General’s Office is interested to determine circumstances and cause of death of Aliyev and is ready to lend all necessary legal support to law enforcement agencies of Austria,” reads the statement from the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan.

Earlier in December, renowned German specialist Bernd Brinkmann said he found that “Aliyev’s suicide was not possible.”

Kazakh General Prosecutor’s Office also highlights that Kazakhstan has not participated in fact-finding inquiry on Aliyev’s death. “Therefore, we think Brinkman’s submission should be examined by Austria’s competent agencies,” says the statement.

Office noted that they offered Austria cooperation in investigation of Aliyev’s death multiple times. Also they [Office] suggested involvement of legal experts from other countries to ensure objectivity of investigation.

According to the agency, on November 21, 2016 Prosecutor-General’s Office received apostille death certificate of Aliyev and a copy of medical reexamination dating March 9, 2015 carried out in Institutes of Pathology and Forensic Medicine in St. Gallen, Switzerland. “These documents are sent to investigatory organs for closing criminal prosecution of Aliyev in connection with his death,”said the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Rakhat Aliyev was married to Dariga Nazarbayeva, the eldest daughter of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Aliyev was convicted in-absentia to lengthy term in Kazakhstan for planning a coup and organizing a kidnapping criminal group. Vienna court refused to extradite Aliyev to Kazakhstan in June 2011.

Austrian press reported that Aliyev was found dead in jail in Vienna at the end of February 2015. Main version of the death was suicide.

Aliyev family lawyers presented results of the examination of German expert Bernd Brinkmann on December 12. The examiner said “suicide was not possible” and concluded that bruising on the neck indicate that someone had sat on Aliyev’s chest and suffocated him by covering his mouth and nose.

Ministry of Justice of Austria does not agree with German expert’s conclusion and insists on suicide version of the death.

Aliyev held top government roles until he fell out with Nazarbayev, was stripped of his posts and ended up divorced.