Nazarbayev Condemned Attack On Russian Ambassador In Turkey

Nazarbayev Condemned Attack On Russian Ambassador In Turkey

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev extended condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara on Monday evening, the press service of the Kazakh President said.

Ambassador Andrey Karlov’s shooting was captured in real time in photos and video that quickly spread through the Internet worldwide on December 19. A gunman shouting “Do not forget Aleppo!” assassinated Karlov at an Ankara art gallery in what leaders of Russia and Turkey called “a provocative terror attack.”

Nazarbayev said Karlov was a talented diplomat who made huge contribution to development of Russian-Turkish relations.

Nazarbayev Condemned Attack On Russian Ambassador In Turkey

Russian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara Andrey Karlov

“No act of violence can be justified. Kazakhstan strongly condemns terrorism,” said Nazarbayev offering condolences to the bereaved family on behalf of Kazakh people and in his own name.

Speaker of the Kazakh Senate Kassym-JomartTokayev also commented the assassination tweeting the following statement: Murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey is clearly a terrorist act aimed to derail joint efforts in Syria, dangerous diplomatic precedent.

Kazakhstan will tighten security at its diplomatic missions in Turkey in connection with the assassination of Russian Ambassador, said Deputy Foreign Minister Erzhan Ashikbayev.

Kazakhstan strongly condemns this terrorist act, he said.

He noted that in the event of escalation of the situation, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry recommends its fellow citizens in Turkey to avoid crowded places and be extra careful.

He said Kazakhstan urges both Russia and Turkey not to let the assassination cast a shadow over their friendship seen improved lately.

“We remember all tragic events that brought crisis to relations between the two nations, which are close partners of Kazakhstan,” he added.