2010 Vancouver Olympic Games do not guarantee victory to our country, but everyone has a chance to do his best – P. Novikov


Yelena Ilyinskaya

2010 Vancouver Olympic Games do not guarantee victory to our country, but everyone has a chance to do his best - P. Novikov2010 Vancouver Olympic Games do not guarantee victory to our country and we do not demand medals from our sportsmen, but this is the largest sports event to participate in which is a great honor. Everyone has an opportunity to do his best there. Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan Pavel Novikov said it in an interview to Kazinform.

As is known the games in Canada’s Vancouver are scheduled for February 12. The flag of Kazakhstan will be raised on February 8. The national team consisting of 37 Kazakh sportsmen in nine types of sports as biathlon, ski racing, downhill-skiing and skating sports as well as ski jumping, freestyle, short-track, figure skating and freestyle-acrobatics has been already formed. According to P. Novikov the problem is not in the world economic crisis which could impact on sportsmen’s training. “All of them have had training exercises abroad, all conditions were created for this including financing and support. We think that their competitors are strong enough, and this is some kind of respite for our sportsmen as far as there are Asian Games -2011 in future. In their own field our sportsmen are able to win the first place in general team classification”, P. Novikov said.

We expect to win 25 gold medals during the Winter Asian Games scheduled for 2011  in Astana and Almaty. According to the forecasts of several trainers there will be medals in men’s and women’s ice hockey, ski jumping, snowboard and others.

According to P. Novikov, Dmitry Reihard, well-known sportsman from East-Kazakhstan oblast, winner of the European Cup – 2008, leader of our freestyle command is likely to gain a victory. “As a whole, freestyle is represented by our Ust-Kamenogorsk sportsmen, they are: Yulia Rodionova, Dmitry Barmashov, Darya Rybalova and Yulia Galysheva. Besides, a large team on sprint ski racing is going to participate in Vancouver games – 11 representatives from Akmola region, East-Kazakhstan and West-Kazakhtan oblasts”, the Vice President of the National Olympic Committee noted. According to him this is one of the few types of sports Kazakhstan pins its hopes on the Olympic medal in Vancouver.

“Besides, do not forget about our biathlete, a 29-years-old two-time champion of Asia Yelena Khrustaleva. Her own goal is to be in the six of winners. I think she will try to win something for her team, but even in the case of failure, her sport fans will pay special attention to her”, P. Novikov said.

According to him Almaty city will be represented by Lyudmila Fedotova (downhill skiing), Nikolai Karpenko and Alexey Korolyov (ski jumping), Denis Ten and Abzal Rakimgaliyev (figure skating). According to forecasts there is a big competition in downhill skiing and in this, one of the most popular winter types of sport Kazakhstani sportsmen are still far from the world elite. The same thing can be said about the team of ski jumpers. Figure skaters can gain success as two our coming stars will leave for Vancouver. Last season it was A. Rakimgaliyev who took part in past figure skating competition. He ranked the 24th. This year Kazakhstan is represented by Denis Ten, aged 15 years, who made a real sensation in Los-Angeles. Having ranked the 8th among the strongest figure skaters he earned two Olympic licensees for Kazakhstan. “It is certainly early to wait for any medal but even if Denis enters the top-ten sportsmen of the Olympiad it will be a great success”, P. Novikov said.

Commenting on the President’s Address, he noted that healthy lifestyle and 30% engagement of Kazakhstani people in sport – is quite a topical issue.  “The country sets ambitious goals whereas health of the nation is a primary objective. But sports infrastructure still needs financing, all-round construction of children’s and youth sports schools is required”, he noted.