Kazakhstan To Establish Center For Agricultural Exports

Baiterek and KazAgro To Be Reorganized, Nazarbayev

Kazakhstan will establish a center to deal with all agricultural products produced by the country and it will be based at the Food Corporation. The new center will be responsible for trade financing and insurance of contracts and it will aid farmers who are looking to enter the foreign market. The main focus will be placed on the exportation of organic products from the country.

They have also released their planned priority markets for agricultural products. They are primarily the EAEU markets, including Russia, China, India, the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East.

“Kazakhstan has great potential for organic production and the export of organic products, especially when we have a historically low level of chemical applications on our lands, and a large number of pastures, which currently are not involved in turnover.” Gulmira Issayeva, Kazakh Vice Minister of Agriculture said.

Kazakhstan exports 970 types of food products to 118 countries around the world. Out of the 800 domestic exporters 20% have a stable export capacity exceeding $1 million.