Kazakhstan: Petropavlovsk International Airport Opened After Reconstruction

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The passenger terminal of the Petropavlovsk International Airport began working after its complete renovation, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

The Governor of the North-Kazakhstan Region Erik Sultanov took part in the opening ceremony of this terminal building. He noted that the domestic flights to Astana and Almaty have already been operating and they are of high demand.

“I am confident these flights directly connecting Petropavlovsk with the two main cities of Kazakhstan will promote even closer contacts between our citizens and one will express interest in the business sector”, the Governor said.

The plans of the Governor’s Office leadership include launching flights to Moscow, Russia, and then to establish air cargo from Russia, China and the European Union countries. Air ticket prices are promised to be not higher than ones in the adjacent airports, for example, in Omsk, Russia.

“Now, we have started operating two flights to Astana and Almaty. Depending on the passenger load, if there is significant flow of passengers then we plan to launch Boeings with their 230 passenger seats”, said Kasim Khamzin, Spokes person, SCAT Airlines.

Veteran of Labour Alexander Lipovoi says that the airport in Petropavlovsk has a long tradition.

“I remember it during the war, there was a military school here, where one trained military pilots. It was the old airport. During the years of upturning the Virgin Soil, this airport made all transportation, because there was no asphalt roads. More than 100 state and collective farms were planned with the help of aerial photography”, the old resident of Petropavlovsk said.

For many years, the international airport in Petropavlovsk had not worked practically. The project for its reconstruction was initiated in 2014 by the Governor of the North-Kazakhstan Region Erik Sultanov.

The Government of Kazakhstan allocated from its reserves KZT seven billion to strengthen the existed coating of the runway. The runway was extended up to 2,800 meters and widened up to 45 meters. One reconstructed the taxiway and apron and installed lighting equipment.

“As for the airport building, all utilities were replaced here, one has purchased X-ray TV inspection equipment and video cameras were installed. The airport meets all the international standards”, said Marat Khasenov, Director, Petropavlovsk International Airport JSC.

The airport in Petropavlovsk has been operating since 1974. During the existence of the USSR, it was one of the transit airports of the former Soviet Union. It served up to 40 flights per day to such destinations, as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Mineralnye Vody, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Khabarovsk, Chita, Tashkent and all regional centers of Kazakhstan.

Currently, there are 20 operating airports in Kazakhstan. Of these, there are 12 public airports, eight of which are in trust management of the Airport Management Group Open Company, six ones are privately owned, and two airports are in the concession.

An important issue, contributing to safety, includes development of airport infrastructure, in particular the construction and reconstruction of runways. In 2014, one completed the reconstruction of airport runways in Taraz and Taldykorgan. In 2015, one completed the project aimed to reconstruct the runway at the airport in Uralsk. At the expense of the owner of the airport in Taraz (SCAT Airlines) the latter reconstructed this airport. This airport was put in operation in November last year and it was timed to celebrate the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate. In order to build a new passenger terminal at the airport of Kyzylordausing PPP mechanisms, the terminal was transferred to the ownership of the regional Governor’s House.