Development of chemical industry, mining complex, agriculture and construction materials – primary objective for Zhambyl region


Galina Skripnik

Development of chemical industry, mining complex, agriculture and construction materials - primary objective for Zhambyl regionThe major emphasis in Zhambyl region will be laid on the development of chemical industry, mining complex, agriculture and construction materials; Akim of Zhambyl region Kanat Bozumbayev has said it in an interview to Kazinform.

We need a reform of regional development as well as centers on economic growth, as it was pointed out in the President’s Address to the Nation “New Decade – New Economic Growth – New Opportunities of Kazakhstan.

The Head of the State presented a strategic development plan of the country for the new decade, the Akim noted. Accelerated diversification of economy, investments in human capital, improvement of living standards of the population, enhancing the unity of the nation and national security are the key lines of the President’s strategy.

Could you please tell us, why is the new President’s Address significant for you? How can it be referred to the main objectives of Zhambyl region?

In his new Address the Head of the State noted that integration into the regional and world market must become an important condition for Kazakhstan’s development. Therefore, the following objectives can be pointed out for social-economic development of Zhambyl region. As far as the region is oriented at agricultural sector it is necessary to take certain measures for the support and development of farmers in the region. It is also necessary to elaborate a special program on development of the agricultural sector with an opportunity to invest foreign and private stock to the region.

As I have already noted the main centers of forced development will become chemical industry, mining complex, agricultural sector and production of construction materials. It is necessary to achieve development of non-primary sector with high export potential. For the first time ever we will start implementation of projects on agricultural product processing in Zhambyl region. We will attract large investments in mining and chemical industry. All these measures must revive the market as well as reduce unemployment and improve social-economic status of the residents of our region.

What, in your opinion, must be done for this purpose in the first instance?

It is necessary to hold a business forum with the entrepreneurs of the region, offer them certain favorable conditions and create such conditions in accordance with the rule “not hinder business development, but help”.

The number of small and medium businesses in Zhambyl region increased by 5.7% whereas the number of employed increased by 2.3% in 2009. The output reached KZT 109.96 bln.

Seven investment projects with the budget of USD 50 mln (Taraz Metallurgical Plant, Mynaral Tas Company, EuroChem-Fertilizers, Tenir-Logistic, Khantau Cement Plant, Kazphosphat-2 projects) were proposed for inclusion in the National Industrialization Program within the framework of implementation of the industrial-innovation development program of Zhambyl region. 12 investment projects were proposed for inclusion in the regional development map. As a whole, the package of 19 investment projects is estimated at KZT 806.7 bln. Last year construction of the plant on building materials in the town of Zhanatas was completed.

What can you say about implementation of the objectives set by the Head of the State in the sphere of education, especially in preschool one?

The Akimat of the Region will take measures on complete coverage with preschool and school education. It is also necessary to pay attention to the creation of a network of preschool institutions as well as develop a regional state-private partnership program and a network of private kindergartens. The state authorized bodies must take measures on involvement of businessmen in opening of new private kindergartens, foster their establishment and create attractive conditions for it.