Kazakhstan: GoldBridges Global Resources To Increase Gold Output

GoldBridges Global Resources Expects Cash Costs Of Sekisovskoye To Fall In 2019

GoldBridges Global Resources intends to increase gold output in 3 years and pay dividends after it switches to mining at its Sekisovskoye gold and silver mine in Eastern Kazakhstan.

In October the mine processed 20.19 thousand tons of ore and plans to reach 25 thousand tons in December, with 42 thousand tons in 2017.

The company also wants to increase gold extraction ratio (82% in October) when it assembles new machinery next year.

The production plan for 2017 is 40 thousand tons of gold, with 60 thousand tons in 2018 and 100 thousand tons in 2019.

The company recommended paying dividends on the level of not less than 15% of net profits. (Ukrainian metal)