Construction Materials Plant Will Be Built In Astana

Construction Materials Plant Will Be Built In Astana

A modern plant on production of construction materials – dispersive and dry specialized construction mixes and products for thermal insulation – will be commissioned in Astana by the Day of Industrialization. In total the plant is to release 120 product names.

The commissioning was discussed today by the akim of Astana Asset Issekeshev and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Selena FM S.A.” Krzysztof Domarecki. The plant will produce components for the system of external isolation certified by the EU, professional front paints, ready to use front plaster (liquid disperse systems), specialized paints for  internal works reinforcing construction mixes, plaster with the raised waterproofing, thin layer masonry solutions for concrete blocks, self-leveled filling masses and many other things.

As informed by the press service of the akim of Astana, the production area of the plant is 5 thousand sq.m. The goal of the project is creation of competitive high technology production as well as introduction of innovative and energy-saving technologies in the construction industry of the RoK; import substitution and organization of release of high value added products; employment; creation of opportunities for export of products to Central Asia and Russian Federation. Products of the plant will help enhance energy efficiency of buildings and will help decrease emission of CO2.

It doesn’t emit hazardous substances, is resistant to moisture, mold and microorganisms. The project will create 70 job. Its production capacity is about 10 000 tons of dispersive and 120 000 tons of dry mixes a year. 40% of products will be exported. Selena group was founded in 1992 and performs sales in 70 countries of the world. The company is one of three leaders among the producers of unicomponent polyurethane foam.