Official Ticket Office Of 2017 Winter Universiade Opens In Almaty

Winter Universiade 2017 Officially Closes In Kazakhstan’s Almaty

Opening of the official ticket office of the upcoming 28th Winter Universiade was held in Almaty city today, Kazinform has learnt from the press service of the Universiad.

The official ticket office of the 28th Winter Universiade was unveiled at Mega Alma-Ata shopping center.

The ticket office offers services to vulnerable layers of society and sells tickets to veterans, disabled people, children and students based on special tariffs.

One can exchange or return tickets, make out invoices and many other things at the office. Tickets to Universiade, especially to semifinal events and finals are available at ticket offices of the Baluan Sholak Sports Palace, the Palace of Republic and Meloman in Almaty city and Khan Shatyr Shopping Mall, Keruen Shopping Center, Mechta shopping center and My Town company in Astana city.

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Tickets will also be available online at,,,, and