KazMunaiGas International Surpassed Lukoil At Gas Stations In Moldova

KazMunaiGas International Surpassed Lukoil At Gas Stations In Moldova

KazMunaiGas International, former Rompetrol group, is expanding aggressively in the market of Moldova and reached the largest supplier of fuel for this market, exceeding the Russian company Lukoil, although it has the largest network of filling stations in the country, writes economica.net.

“We’ve got the biggest supplier of oil in Moldova, with 40% market share,” said general manager of Rompetrol Moldova, Felix Crudu. “Compared to 2012 we doubled our market share. We reached the top three of all importers of Moldova “, said Crudu, which also showed that the company’s business has doubled in this period, reaching 150 million in 2016. Similarly, the number of employees increased from 400 four years ago to about 800 today.

Rompetrol Moldova has come to operate a network of 77 filling stations, fuel distribution.This year, the company opened 12 new stations, up from five in 2015.

Moldova are 650 filling stations, out of 500 petrol stations are so-called “chain” operated by companies pretroliere, not independent. With the 77 stations they operate, Rompetrol is not first, but on the fourth. The largest network is operated by the Russians of Lukoil, which have 102 stations, followed by Tirex, the former state-owned company, now privatized, with 86 stations, and a another oil company Romanian OMV Petrom, which has 80 stations .

Despite having the fourth distribution network, Rompetrol yet reached, according to Crudu first supplier of oil.

The explanation is that the stations are doubled sales of the deposit, the so-called wholesale sales system: only retail company has a 20% share of the market, but if one adds wholesale sales, reaching 40%. Rompetrol Moldova practically sells fuels and other market players that are produced in the Petromidia refinery in Romania, making the company the biggest player in Moldova.

The fuels are produced in Petromidia, then arrive on the Danube in Giurgiulesti terminal (at the confluence of the Danube and Prut) and then by road to deposit Rompetrol Moldova. Rompetrol Moldova therefore sell the same quality as fuel in Romania and that meet the Euro 5 standard, which is mandatory in Romania as a EU member state, but not in Moldova, writes economica.net.