Logistic Center To Be Built In West Kazakhstan

Transport And Logistics At A Turning Point

The construction project of the transport and logistic center is developing in the West Kazakhstan region, BNews.kz correspondent reports. It should remove deficit of storage facilities in the region.

According to department of state revenues across West Kazakhstan region, 13 temporary storage warehouses are working in the region. Eight of them with 7,500 square meters work in Uralsk and 5 of them with 8,000 square meters in Aksay.

“Today the main share of the Kazakhstan warehouses consists of “C” and “D” classes. They present the re-equipped premises of factories, plants, warehouses constructed at the Soviet period. They work according to standard rates, but it is not necessary to speak about their compliance to international standards. Meanwhile, demand for storage facilities continues to grow. It is connected with increase of number of wholesale and retail trade organizations, with growth of the wholesale and retail turnover and also with trade inventories. The level of trade inventories in wholesale trade increased more than 50% since 2010,” deputy manager of entrepreneurship management and industrial and innovative development of West Kazakhstan region Anvar Niyetkaliyev said.

It is decided to rely on the main benefit of Uralsk – its geographical location. The West Kazakhstan region borders with five Russian regions, with the Aktyubinsk and Atyrau regions of Kazakhtan. Highways of the international value Moscow – Samara – Uralsk – Shymkent – Almaty and roads of republican value Atyrau – Uralsk, Uralsk – Ozinki (Russia), Uralsk – Podstepnoe – Ilek (Russia) goes through the territory of Uralsk.

“The mayor office of Uralsk allocated to the company the parcel of land of one hectare in Melovyh gorok and “Sarytau” district. 11 more hectares are provided for lease on the terms of the further redemption in a private property in case of the beginning of the TLC. It is important to note availability of infrastructure completely ready for operation. Total investment costs on the project will constitute over one billion tenge. Financing of the project is planned to be performed at the expense of the loan capital according to the “Damu” program and at the expense of an equity,” head of regional management of an entrepreneurship and industrial and innovative development Mirzhan Satkanov said.