GOVERNMENT Weekly Review: Key task is to encourage domestic production – PM Karim Massimov


GOVERNMENT Weekly Review: Key task is to encourage domestic production - PM Karim MassimovThis week along with the activities on preparation for implementation of the President’s Address to the Nation “New Decade – New Economic Growth – New Opportunities of Kazakhstan” the ministries and departments continued to sum up the results of their work in 2009.

At the enlarged sitting of the Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Minister Serik Baimaganbetov said the number of the offences recorded in 2009 had been reduced by 4.9%. “It should be noted that the number of murders, bodily injuries, robberies, thefts, as well as juvenile offences reduced too”, the Minister said. However, the Minister noted it was necessary to ensure prevention of crimes, partly through the development of video surveillance systems. Serik Baimaganbetov suggested establishing a governmental committee on crime prevention.

The same day the Ministry of Healthcare held a board meeting as well. Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov charged the Ministry to work out a draft state program of healthcare development for 2011-2015. The Premier paid special attention to the necessity of raising life expectancy from 68 to 72 years. “A complex of measures aimed at improving quality and duration of life and well-being of our people needs to be implemented for this”, he said. Karim Massimov charged Healthcare Minister Zhaksylyk Doskaliyev to pay special attention to the quality of training of doctors.

At the sitting of the Kazakh Ministry of Emergencies the issues of prevention and mitigation of consequences of the emergency situations within the framework of realization of the Emergencies Ministry’s Strategic Plan for 2009-2011 were discussed. The Minister of Emergencies reported that the requirements to owners of hazardous industrial and fire-prone facilities were tightened in 2009. Prime Minister Karim Massimov urged that the Ministry on Emergencies must be ready for immediate response to manmade disasters.

At the sitting of the Board of the Kazakh National Space Agency that took place on February 2 Chairman of the Agency Talgat Mussabayev informed of a launch of KazSat-2 satellite planned for December 2010. The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan urged the Agency to prevent a repetition of the situation with KazSat-1 satellite. Karim Massimov also charged the National Space Agency to pay attention to the quality of training of specialists in the sphere of space.

At the meeting of the board of the Agency on Construction and Housing and Utilities Infrastructure Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov charged the Agency to submit for consideration the Program of further development of housing and utilities infrastructure by June 1. “As was mentioned in the President’s Address our work will be firstly directed for modernization of housing and public utilities along with the reduction of operational costs and implementation of resource saving technology”, Chairman of the Agency Serik Nokin noted.

On Wednesday, February 3, the sitting of the same format was held in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Minister Gulshara Abdykalikova informed that in 2011 the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection would increase average children allowances twofold against 2007. Prime Minister Karim Massimov announced there that the Kazakh Government would introduce the 2010 revised budget to the Parliament till the end of February. According to him, despite the economic difficulties, in 2009 the state fulfilled all social obligations. “2010 will be difficult as well, but in spite of this, pension payments were increased by 25 percent from January 1”, he said. The Head of the State noted in his annual message, that salary for state employees will be increased from April 1.

The same day Prime Minister Karim Massimov instructed the Ministry of Education and Science to develop and submit for the Government’s consideration a new program “Balapan” by the end of the month. According to the PM, the program aims at covering all children of the republic with pre-school education by 2020. Besides, at the enlarged sitting of the Board of the Ministry Karim Massimov charged to study world experience in implementation of 12-year education.

On February 4 the Ministry of Finance held a board meeting as well. Minister of Finance Bulat Zhamishev informed that according to the preliminary results, budget revenues in 2009 made more than KZT 3.5 trln. Tax revenues were utilized by 104.8% and made KZT 2 trln 228 bln, B. Zhamishev said.

Following Minister Bulat Zhamishev’s report K. Massimov said the Ministry had to develop and submit certain proposals on strengthening the southern borders. The PM reminded of fulfillment of all requests of the Ministry regarding allocation of funds for efficient countering illegal drug-trafficking. The Ministry was also charged to immediately address the issues arising due to the accession of Kazakhstan to the Customs Union. “Kazakh Ministry of Finance must prepare conception project on adoption of overall income declaration by March 1, 2010.” This is one more instruction given to the Ministry by the Premier.

On Friday Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov held a meeting with Crown Prince of Norway Haakon Magnus. The parties reached agreements on cooperation in the spheres of energy, agriculture, tourism and etc.

A task force of the Government headed by Vice Prime Minister Umirzak Shukeyev started acquaintance with economic development of the regions and progress of implementation of projects within the Road Map of Kazakhstan’s Industrialization on February 4. The first region the Vice Premier visited was Aktobe oblast. 28 investment projects with the total amount of investments of USD 1 billion are realized here in 2010. On February 5 the Government Task Force arrived in Kyzylorda region.