Romania’s KMG Reshuffles Management While Prosecutors Studies Rompetrol II

KazMunayGas International To Invest Billions Of Dollars In Romania
  • Catalin Dumitru, the new Senior Vice President for Operational Activities
  • Alexey Golovin, appointed Vice President for Corporate Development and Strategy of the Group
  • Azamat Zhangulov, Senior Vice-President for Sales and Marketing within KazMunayGas

KMG International announced an important change management structure, calling it Catalin Dumitru as first vice president operations and Alexey Golovin in the vice president corporate development and strategy of the Group.

The company reported that Azamat Zhangulov, currently senior vice president of KMG International, was promoted to the position of senior vice president sales and marketing within KazMunayGas, the national oil company and gas state of Kazakhstan, the sole shareholder of KMG International.

The move comes as prosecutors DIOCT opened in May, a new folder on the privatization of the refinery and KMG threatened the Romanian state with an international process because of “treatment” applied by the Romanian authorities of investment by KazMunayGas NC and KMG international’s subsidiaries in Romania, namely: Rompetrol SA (now Oilfield Exploration Business Solutions SA, Oilfield) Vega SA (Vega), Rompetrol Rafinare SA (RRC) and other Romanian companies.

DIOCT announced in May that has seized 3 billion lei on goods and activities “KazMunayGas International NV” (formerly the Rompetrol Group NV) “Oilfield Exploration Business Solutions” (formerly “Rompetrol”) and “Rompetrol Rafinare” in a new folder “Rompetrol”, disjoint because prosecuted in 2006, it was judged Dinu Patriciu, along with others.

Later, there were reports that DNA it investigates former Prime Minister Victor Ponta, on the memorandum Rompetrol.

The memorandum states that Rompetrol will purchase 200 million dollars a participation of 26% of Rompetrol Rafinare.

Azamat Zhangulov is the one who negotiated Romanian state memorandum on the privatization of Rompetrol Rafinare.

One of the most virulent critics of the memorandum with Rompetrol was Traian Basescu, who has often made reference to a possible criminal record for Victor Ponta, because of this agreement, accusing the prime minister that he wants to “steal Parliament handed $ 400 million.”

In November 2014, Catalin Predoiu, the first deputy PDL accuses Victor Ponta that he took bribes Memorandum Rompetrol. At a press conference, head Predoiu asked whether the Government has negotiated in Dubai bribes to sign the memorandum on alleged debts KazMunayGas and if negotiations were attended by people from outside the government. “I’d ask myself Victor Ponta few things: I wonder if he signed himself Memorandum of government debt KazMunayGas. I wonder if negotiated in Dubai bribes to KazMunaiGas. I wonder if the negotiations for bribes attended outsiders government, “said Catalin Predoiu said on

At the request of a journalist to be more specific, Predoiu said that” every question is based on the information. ”

Referring to allegations made by politicians in public, on the memorandum with Romanian State, Azamat Zhangulov, senior vice president of KMG International, said in May: “I assure you that KMG International has a strict policy and we can not imagine to be accused of such acts”.

An interesting fact is that the American general in Wesley Clark was at the same time, the consultant honorary Victor Ponta, and the company KazMunayGas, during the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Romanian and Kazakh company, according to government sources.

Asked a few months ago BURSA if General Wesley Clark was consultant KazMunayGas, directly or indirectly, during the conversion into shares of debt Rompetrol by the Romanian state in the post-conversion during MoU, Mr. Azamat Zhangulov, senior vice president KMG International, he said, ‘we get a lot of advice from people we trust, in order to understand key issues.

Energy Minister Victor Grigorescu said in September that the government could extend the memorandum signed with Rompetrol, which expires on end of this year, but examines other solutions.

Victor Grigorescu said, then according to Agerpres: “We appointed the company that will represent the interests of the Romanian state in this financial arrangement (the Management company has holdings in energy – no), but it is a process technically complicated, which should finally bring to a shareholders’ agreement. As always in such complicated situations, we take a term, but not only about us. Undoubtedly, it will take all measures to protect the interests of the Romanian state and, if needed overtime will be made all the extensions. It is not the first time this happens. Discussion speak highly complex and rather complicated history. As the Ministry of Energy, for us things are pretty clear. They are a major investor in Romania and will continue to be. ”

But recently, the senators of the Committee for Economic, Industry and Services gave a negative opinion of the bill approving the Memorandum of Understanding between the Romanian government and The Rompetrol Group NV on 15 February 2013.

In November 2013 the Constitutional Court declared the law unconstitutional in its entirety, after the detection of President Traian Basescu and lawmakers have received the review.

In two years away, on February 16, 2016, and the Committee for economic policy legal Chamber of Deputies make a joint report by proposing rejection of the law.

The Chamber of Deputies voted on June 8 rejection of the law and forwarded it to the Senate, which is the forum for decision-making.

According to the release KMG with 15 years experience in the industry oil, Azamat Zhangulov joined the Group KMGI International in 2012, when he was appointed Deputy general director on financial issues. from the position of senior vice president of KMG International, Azamat Zhangulov coordinated long-term strategy and corporate development group, according to business objectives the sole shareholder.

The new Vice President of KMG International, Alexey Golovin, will assume responsibility for corporate development and strategy of the Group, coordinating the strategic development projects of mergers and acquisitions, public relations and relations with government authorities and the sole shareholder.

Catalin Dumitru, who previously held the position of Vice President in charge of operations at the KMG International, takes over the position of senior vice president of KMG International, continue to be responsible for the entire operational chain of the Group.

Alexey Golovin, who was previously director of strategy, held in the last four years in various positions KMG International, including the position of director of internal communications and corporate development and chief marketing and communications. Alexey Golovin joined the group of companies KazMunayGas in 2008, and since 2009 working in KMG International.

Catalin Dumitru has a professional experience of 23 years and joined the Group KMG International (formerly TRG) in 2002 as CFO for two companies of the Group. His career within the Group has gradually evolved from the previous position of Vice President Operations is responsible for coordination of supply of raw materials and finished products trading, refining and petrochemicals activities and the distribution of petroleum products. In his new position, Catalin Dumitru will be responsible for implementing operational activities of KMG International long term.
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