Kazakhgate: Bribery And Kickbacks Between France And Kazakhstan

Kazakhgate or Diamondgate? The Evidence So Far

The investigation of the so-called Kazakhgate door on suspicion of bribery and kickbacks affected by significant margin contracts concluded under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy between France and Kazakhstan.

Former Senate President and former Minister Armand De Decker (MR) would have played a central role in the corruption case, described as Kazakhgate and linked to the Belgian-Kazakh billionaire Patokh Chodiev, reported this weekend Le Soir and French information site Mediapart, who had access to parts of the Belgian and French legal proceedings relating to this case.

According to those minutes, Armand De Decker was reached on 20 February 2011, to the Minister of Justice at the time, Stefaan De Clerck (CD & V), at his home in Kortrijk, then 22, with members of his office, accompanied by Ms. Catherine Degoul, the French lawyer Chodiev. This approach was speaking just days after the return of Mr. Chodiev before the Criminal Court of Brussels.

According to documents in the possession of the two media, Mr De Decker and his colleague have advocated the businessman.

The former president of the Senate would be presented as “the lawyer of the Elysee” , then occupied by Nicolas Sarkozy. To recall, the President of the French Republic at the time was negotiating the purchase of helicopters by the Kazahstan, including President Nursultan Nazarbayev, was a close friend of Mr. Chodiev.

According to Le Canard chained, Nazarbayev have agreed to negotiate the contract if it helped Mr. Chodiev to leave the court trap in which he was in Belgium in the wake of his indictment, as part of Tractebel file for forgery, forgery, money laundering and conspiracy.

Two days after the visit of Mr. De Decker, who denies involvement in the Minister of Justice, a bill to expand the scope of the financial transaction in criminal matters was filed.

Moreover, Armand De Decker would have earned over 740,000 euros in fees for 350 hours declared as lawyer benefits from Mr. Chodiev, benefits no part of judicial proceedings confirm.

Mr De Decker, who says “disgusted” by the treatment he is the subject says being at no time intervened in the development of the law, “primarily designed by the Prosecutors’ . He added that the wording of the text was nearing completion when he intervened “exclusively as a lawyer, alongside two other Brussels lawyers and a French lawyer” .

The revelations of the night seem, in any case, to confirm that the entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy contacted Armand De Decker that it makes accelerate the vote, controversial (see cons), the Law on the transaction criminal.

Following the new charges against Armand De Decker in the “Kazakhgate”, former President of the Senate will have to explain himself before the Conciliation and Arbitration Board of MR. This is an internal organ to the party slice ethical issues involving agents and militants. This interview is scheduled for 16 November at 10 h 30, at the headquarters of the Liberal Party (Avenue of the Golden Fleece). He will require the MR step aside from the mayor of Uccle? No. Or not just yet, anyway. In MR, is to let justice continue its work, as the saying goes.

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