Premiere Of The Movie “28 Panfilov” Held In Kazakhstan

Premiere Of The Movie "28 Panfilov" Held In Kazakhstan

A film about the legendary exploits have already seen the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan – Nursultan Nazarbayev and Vladimir Putin.

The film “28 Panfilov” on the famous heroic deeds of the soldiers of the rifle company of the Panfilov division who block the path of German tanks to Volokolamsk highway in November 1941, put online for free download after the release of the film in theaters, said writer, producer and co-Director of a picture Andrey Shalopa.

Panfilovtsy — fighters 316th rifle division under the command of General Panfilov, who participated in 1941 in the defense of Moscow. During fierce fighting Panfilov destroyed 18 German tanks. For the feat they were awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union.

“When we raised money, public donations, of course, the question was that this film will become popular, and we posted on the web after it goes through the car,” said the producer in Almaty at a press conference after its premiere in Kazakhstan.

He noted that the amount from crowdfunding was “about a fifth of the budget picture.” Tangible financial contribution, he said, made the Kazakh side and the Ministry of culture of Russia. “But the money is still not enough, and in the end we had to choose – either we resort to private investment, or we’re not shooting a movie. And so a very significant part of the money is money the company Gaijin Entertainment, and the money should be returned,” said Shalopa. He added that on a return basis the money invested in marketing of the picture.

“To return the money, we need more cash to collect. Once we do that, and I believe that we do this, we will publish the film for free download”, — said the producer of the film, noting that, in his opinion, the film must not look on the Internet, as “this film made for cinemas.”

Movie about the legendary feat of 28 Panfilov, who defended Moscow from enemy tanks in the winter of 1941, shot the St. Petersburg team LIBYAN PALETTE. The painting was originally created with funds from crowdfunding. The fundraiser was attended by about 35 thousand people, which attracted more than 34.7 million rubles. Approximately one third of the budget added by the Ministry of culture of the two countries – Russia and Kazakhstan. The total budget of the film amounted to 150 million rubles.